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The Story of
Wick’d & Bougie

Hey Bougie Lovers! My name is Takisha Miller from Philadelphia, PA, and I am the owner of Wick’d & Bougie Candle Co. I am a mom of two handsome men and a grandmother to a beautiful little girl. These three humans hold the keys to my heart. I am also a Bougie Lover. I began making candles in 2019 to calm my soul and give my mind the time needed to unwind from my demanding job. I am a Correctional Sergeant for the City of Philadelphia. This started as my in-home meditation/therapy session and quickly became a business. I felt the need to share my experiences of healing and self-preservation with others. The smell of a candle can bring back a thousand memories and help set the mood for a million more. You feel a sense of peace from the first light of a bougie. It’s as if at that moment, nothing else matters; in this day and age, we all need those moments. However small or big they may come. Bougie-making is my therapy, self-care, and happy place. My bougies are genuinely made with peace, love, and pure intentions every once.


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